Fusion Mineral Paint

Why Fusion Mineral Paint?

I am proud to be the local retailer of Fusion Mineral Paint for New Braunfels and surrounding areas.  I’m happy to partner with a company who’s mission is to bring quality products to DIY’ers, as well as, thoroughly teach how to use them.

Fusion is an acrylic based paint with a smooth texture. It is not heavy textured like chalk paints. The resin in Fusion translates into a high-performance paint that dries to a very durable finish. The built-in topcoat makes easy work of finishing your project.

NON-TOXIC AND VOC FREE Fusion is made with 100% acrylic, meaning it does not use any inexpensive ingredients such as vinyl or latex. This makes fusion non-toxic and free of VOCs. Fusion is also free of many other chemicals commonly used in other lines of paint, such as ammonia or formaldehyde.

Fusion Mineral Paint line also offers a Facebook group called Paint It Beautiful.  Paint it Beautiful is a community where FMP users, from first-time painters to experts,  can ask questions and educate each other on use of Fusion Mineral Paint.

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